Apr 17 Pocket-sized anthrax detector aids global agriculture, Analytical Chemistry

Apr 17 Structure of sodium channels different than previously believed, Biochemistry

Apr 16 Breakthrough points to new drugs from nature, Biochemistry

Apr 16 Why Captain America's shield is basically a star-spangled supercapacitor, Materials Science

Apr 15 Repeated self-healing now possible in composite materials, Materials Science

Apr 15 Potent, puzzling and (now less) toxic: Team discovers how antifungal drug works, Biochemistry

Apr 15 Chemists achieve molecular first, Materials Science

Apr 15 Multifunctional microcapsules made from metals and tannic acid, Materials Science

Apr 14 Penicillin redux: Rearming proven warriors for the 21st century, Biochemistry

Apr 14 Switchable material could harness the power of the sun—even when it's not shining, Materials Science

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