11:40 Nano-sized chip "sniffs out" explosives far better than trained dogs, Analytical Chemistry

11:00 A tree may have the answers to renewable energy, Materials Science

09:50 Company converts coconut husk fibers into materials for cars and homes, Materials Science

Jul 22 Photosensitive version of amiloride allows regulating the function of sodium-specific ion channels with light, Biochemistry

Jul 22 Highly efficient nanoparticles could bring down the cost of fuel cells, Materials Science

Jul 21 Chemists eye improved thin films with metal substitution, Materials Science

Jul 21 Artificial skin flexes when it comes into contact with a solvent vapour, Materials Science

Jul 21 Researchers create safe, resistant material to store waste, Materials Science

Jul 20 A noble gas cage: New material traps gases from nuclear fuel better, Materials Science

Jul 18 Nature's strongest glue comes unstuck, Materials Science

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