Jan 23 'Predicted' zeolites may fuel efficient processes, Materials Science

Jan 22 Pictured together for the first time: A chemokine and its receptor, Biochemistry

Jan 22 Researchers create stable gold(III) catalysts via oxidative addition of a carbon–carbon bond, Materials Science

Jan 22 New analysis explains collagen's force, Materials Science

Jan 22 Researchers confirm elusive structure of powerful oxidizing intermediate 'Q', Materials Science

Jan 20 Engineers use brilliant X-rays to illuminate catalysis, revise theories, Materials Science

Jan 19 Cellulose with Braille for cells, Materials Science

Jan 16 Researchers find salmon semen can be used to extract rare earth elements from waste, Materials Science

Jan 16 How does a machine smell? Better than it did, Analytical Chemistry

Jan 15 Team enlarges brain samples, making them easier to image, Analytical Chemistry

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