Turgent - Mar 09, 2018

Another unique attribute of water and counting. Depending on the source there are up to 72 unique attributes.

My guess mostly attributable to the hydrogen bond. Truly the elixir of life.

mackita - Mar 09, 2018

The new liquid was much more viscous, maybe even glassy...It has nothing to do with 'poly-water

Well, if only... Polywater was also claimed to be viscous and freezing bellow -50 °C and its resemblance to this new observation is uncanty. Being isolated from capillars of high negative curvature of surface, once could expect highly decreased melting point under these conditions. It wouldn't be first case in physics, when some phenomena got dismissed because of inpatient replicators (and hostile theorists). The cold fusion "failure" comes on mind here.

mackita - Mar 09, 2018

BTW The samples of polywater were claimed a bogus because of presence of organic impurities (amines from human sweat in particular) - but the above study also did measurements with presence of salts and 3% hydrazine. The common understanding is that the first replicators of Fleischmann&Pons fusion of hydrogen in palladium failed because they did use too much pure sample of palladium in an futile effort to make replication conditions as much reproducible as possible. Whereas in reality the cold fusion runs inside nanocracks and impurities of palladium. Maybe the proper replication of polywater also requires the presence of some catalysts (which were perceived as "pollutants" in their time). At any case, the coincidence of the phase transition observed with polywater melting point published (223 K) is striking.

mackita - Mar 09, 2018

In dense aether model the "new physics" aka supersymetry should manifest itself only weakly in highly symmetric systems, it remains constrained to elongated low-dimensional artifacts (collinear systems of particles and resonances of rod-like shape) and it disappears in wider statistics, which naturally considers all geometries possible. The filaments of dark matter belongs there: they manifest itself only between galaxies which reside along single line, because their origin is in shielding of shielding forces.
This situation is similar to confirmations of cold fusion effects, which require correct geometry for to manifest itself: once we apply more wider screening of parameters, they will become statistically insignificant and disappear in noise. In my theory the cold fusion runs along long chains of highly oriented atoms, where various 1D anomalies may apply (from Casimir vacuum entanglement over electron screening to astroblaster-like collisions and Mossbauer lattice effects).

mackita - Mar 09, 2018

In connection with polywater from capillaries this experiment (YouTube 1, 2) also raised my interest. It claims, that high voltage pulses to water trapped within narrow pores of membrane for reverse osmosis leads into evolution of anomalous heat. This experiment has its counterpart in Russian patents and Zographos invention for hydrogen preparation with using of "electrocapillary effect"..

antialias_physorg - Mar 10, 2018

Well..mackita/Zeph *is* a walking, talking lexicon of bad science.

Anything that is against science -he's automatically totally convinced of. It's sorta spooky, because he is basically a 100% accurate divining rod: Whatever he espouses - you can safely bet your life it's dead wrong.

He's been on this site for a looong time...and with thousands upon thousands of posts we're still waiting for him to get anything right. I mean: even by pure chance and randomly bashing his head against the keyboard, ny now, he'd have a better track record than he does .

mackita - Mar 11, 2018

So we have water base fluid which is viscous like polywater, which freezes at -50°C like polywater under presence of salts and amines like polywater - but it's not still the polywater, because scientist who never prepared any polywater is claiming so. Cold fusion is nonsense confirmed by four universities and overunity too. Instead of it the string theory and SuSy aired by BBS are perfect theories instead refused by experiments. Water surface analogies don't work because they're "aether" based.

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