Feb 09, 2018
One wonders if they will look at the chemicals given off by the mass of synthetic materials in most furniture (especially the cheap stuff) paints, etc.
Feb 10, 2018
mb, not just the synthetics but an amazing number of 'natural/ items are also toxic and in addition carry a vast zoo of micro-organisms and their toxic byproducts.

Another problem is many products in transit are automatically fumigated for vermin and infectious vectors.

When the USA first exported wheat to the PRC. The Chinese had a fit because it was infested with Red Rust.

The Americans explained that Red Rust was endemic to North American wheat fields. So what we had done, was develop what is called Hard Wheat. Unlike the older varieties of 'Soft Wheat', the newer 'Hard Wheat' alsogets infected but not to the point of losing food value.

The Chinese grumbled but accepted the shipments and began processing. To discover that we had earned our reputation as 'Yankee Sharps'. The machinery for grinding soft wheat could not process hard wheat. Forcing the Chinese to purchase American machinery.

Canny and clever! No?

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