Bart_A - Apr 06, 2017

Many people who wish to access papers behind paywalls have discovered that they can often find them for free elsewhere, but it takes a lot of work.

I have found that it doesn't take a lot of work. Google works pretty fast. And I think I have had at least a 30% success rate--maybe better than this software. Thanks, Google.

antialias_physorg - Apr 06, 2017

Hm...I'll definitely give this extension a whirl.

Note that the article on arxiv etc. are always slightly different than the ones published in the journals (for legal reasons). In almost all cases this doesn't make any difference content-wise, but one should be aware of this.

Captain Stumpy - Apr 06, 2017

Excellent find, thanks Bob.

A group calling itself Impactstory, a nonprofit team whose mission is to make science more accessible to everyone, has released a free Chrome/Firefox extension called Unpaywall that allows users to access some research papers that lie behind a paywall without having to pay to access the paywall site
see also:

antialias_physorg - Apr 07, 2017

Installed it at home. Works fine. Google scholar finds about the same articles. I guess they are making a combination search of subject, keywords and authors (and maybe institute affiliations)

cardzeus - Apr 07, 2017

Sci-Hub gets them all

akvadrako - Apr 08, 2017

Sci-Hub gets them all

And they just released a Firefox extension:

baudrunner - Apr 08, 2017

You can achieve the same results often just by using the "select an element to hide" option, which is an addition to Adblock Plus. I get into the Forbes site that way.

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