Astronoom - Oct 19, 2016

First find that planet for real, simulations don't count as proof!!

Urgelt - Oct 19, 2016

The word 'proof' in connection with science is overused, chiefly by laymen.

The better word to use is 'evidence.'

Simulations do indeed count as evidence. In this case, the simulations show that the hypothesized planet 9 is compatible with the observed tilt of the objects in the orbital plane, and that's exciting because without planet 9 there is no ready explanation for that 6 degree tilt.

Planet 9 is probably there. Finding it is not so easy, but astronomers are refining its possible locations - yes, using simulations. Odds are good they'll track it down, though it's anyone's guess how long it will take. It's a good-sized planet, but it's way out there and probably quite cold and dark.

AGreatWhopper - Oct 20, 2016

This one is a good example of what the pimps that own the site have done to it, vis a vis a pure news site like the Guardian. Their headline? "A possible ninth planet may be the reason for a tilt in our solar system".

Whydening Gyre - Oct 20, 2016

And the sister article;

Chris_Reeve - Oct 20, 2016

Gravity is a localized force. It's too weak to do this.

BurnBabyBurn - Oct 20, 2016

AGreatWhopper 5 /5 (1) 1 hour ago
This one is a good example of what the pimps that own the site have done to it, vis a vis a pure news site like the Guardian. Their headline? "A possible ninth planet may be the reason for a tilt in our solar system".

And you only have to look at the idiot spew right above this comment to find out why they do it. Dog shite works well to attract the pseudo-science flies.

phys_org - Oct 20, 2016

Would the simulations match up if it was a micro black hole instead of a poanet?

Urgelt - Oct 20, 2016

A ten Earth mass black hole?

If you're going to suggest it, you really ought to provide an hypothesis as to why it might be there.

dnatwork - Oct 20, 2016

Why are Brown and Batygin getting credit for discovering Planet Nine? They were trying to debunk a paper by somebody else, but their math only confirmed that guy's hypothesis. He should get the credit.

Zorcon - Oct 20, 2016

This one is a good example of what the pimps that own the site have done to it, vis a vis a pure news site like the Guardian..

The majority of consumers can't distinguish between information and entertainment, and if they could they wouldn't give a toss. But shiny objects and sensational headlines draw them like flies.

And the key to a successful website is to maximize viewership and monetize the eyeballs.

So accurate headlines are counterproductive. Only the minority capable of critical thinking would even notice, and rational thinkers are almost worthless to advertisers anyway. They aren't gullible enough to bother with.

nuncestbibendum - Oct 21, 2016

The next question is, Does the planet really exist? The current evidence is, at best, indirect. Find the sucker, and then start planning for the next thing.

katesisco - Oct 21, 2016

Actually, if you look at deep Earth geologic history, it may be seen that our cataclysmic events have lessened thru time. This in itself would indicate a magnetar as R Duncan of U of Texas, has written. Magnetars can die only in 5 million years yet encounter circumstances that allow it to flare to life after death. Could a 15 mile wide stellar body be seen in its close pass of Earth? I suspect the commercial interests will be served by our failure to discover this body. And endless conjecture afterwards.

BruceVoigt - Oct 21, 2016

Bruce Voigt posted December 2006 There are violent forces at play. The forces of the Sun, Moon and Earth dance together giving us seasons, tides etc. The Sun recently has been stepping on toes as it glides through this dance sending our north magnetic pole whizzing away a thousand miles to wards Russia then coming home to dance around an 85km oval every 24hr.

This seemingly little dance is causing all kinds of hell for a species that thinks its the be and end all of the Universe. This Sun activity can muck around with slivers of Earth energy causing the Earth to tip, compasses to swing, radio reception, gps problems, tornado's, tsunami, re location of oceans and climate etc. (BUT)

BruceVoigt - Oct 21, 2016

The big kahuna Earths NUCLEUS is not PHASED by this UNTIL!

Our NINTH Planet third or fourth from the sun comes bar-ling around the Sun appearing to be heading right for us.

I Bruce Voigt claim that the recently discovered Asteroid 2002 AA 29 is really a Moon of (and yes I have named this Planet) OLD BRUCE.

OLD BRUCE orbits the Sun in close proximity to Earths orbit every 365 point something day's and the Earth is slowly catching up or visa versa.

BruceVoigt - Oct 21, 2016

In approximately sixty five million years from now OLD BRUCE will be close enough to change (like a magnet) Earths Nucleus direction. At that very moment instant freezing takes place and because of no gravity any thing not attached drifts out into Earth orbit to be collected by the Moon. (Good real estate investment for an optimist).
These are the Three true Ice ages, one in coming two as Old Bruce eclipses Earth (the really big sleep) and three as Old Bruce again changes the Earths nucleus and
nuclei direction.
So after all that you now know what really happened to DINO and what causes Venus to constantly change rotation.

baudrunner - Oct 22, 2016

From the bible - Joshua 10:13, "So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hastened not to go down about a whole day.", and Habakkuk 3:11, "The sun and moon stood still in their habitation: at the light of thine arrows they went, and at the shining of thy glittering spear." In China, a long day occurred during the reign of the seventh Emperor, Yao, in their year of the world 2554, which corresponds to the time of Joshua, roughly around 1400 B.C. (ref. Bouw, Gerardus "Geocentricity"). In North America, the Ojibways, Wyandots, and the Bungees tell the legend of a long night without any light. There are ancient Mexican reports of a long night, and in pre-Incan times this event was recorded as well - it occurred in the reign of Titu Yupanqui Pachacuti II, fifteenth monarch in Ancient Empire times. It is written that in the third year of his reign, "there was no dawn for twenty hours".

The influence of gravity, caused by the passing of a massive body.

BoMc - Oct 28, 2016

"A planet's angular momentum equals the mass of an object multiplied by its distance from the sun"
Holy Mackerel, I thought this was a physics site. That's the inertial moment, not momentum. Try multiplying it by the angular velocity to the right answer. Grade: F.

yaridanjo - Oct 29, 2016

We found this solar body in 2002. including a orbital period of 4969 years and an orbital inclination of 48.44 degrees. See:

We call this body Vulcan because that is what Madam Blavatsky calledit See:

Astronomer Forbes almost found this solar body in 1880. see:

iAstronomers at the U. Of Arizona found two possible orbital inclinations for planet Nine, 18 or 48 degrees. The later agrees with the value we found.. See:

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