julianpenrod - Apr 21, 2014

So a false idea exists and proliferates over time, even being given the imprimatur of "science". Yet it says in this article that a non 'Scientific" program of deceit existed in which only those facts which fit the desired model were mentioned and those that did not weren't. And the liars said that every observation fit the paradigm! That's "science". I've been warning about a collusion among "government", "science", the "news" and even "religious" institutions to provide only facts that fit the New World Order's Thought Control agenda for the "rank and file" and was attacked steadily. A next step, to eliminate the requirement that only those with a lot of letters after their name deserve to be listened to. The article itself says aborigines, who didn't have "diplomas", still understood the world very well. And, note, the aborigines believe in the supernatural.

rockwolf1000 - Apr 22, 2014

Bias is the article.

Psychosis in the comment.

What a fantastic combination!

OdinsAcolyte - Apr 22, 2014

Paradigm is another word for snobbery. It is common among those who are highly educated. Fortunately we can all learn something from everyone. If we will.

pgarrone - Apr 26, 2014

I was educated in Australia in the 60's and early 70's.
I was not taught that Aboriginals could not count past 5.
I did gain the impression that some Aboriginals had lived and did still live in the desert, and in an incredibly skilful manner.
I do not recall being taught anything particularly about Aboriginal navigation, however it is extremely easy to find the direction south looking at a night sky, if the southern cross is about, and I always assumed that Aboriginals knew all the key landmarks in their territory.
I was not taught that Aboriginals had civilization. However the meaning of the word has changed. Then it signified cities and towns, writing/record keeping, and non-nomadic lifestyle. Now it appears to be a term applied to all societies.

It seems particularly stupid to change the meaning of a word such as civilization, then blame people of past generations for not having current usage.

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