03:31 Classic videogame Tetris to be made into a movie, Other

03:30 California bans paparazzi drones, Other

03:07 New privacy battle looms after moves by Apple, Google, Internet

03:06 Hobbit fans step into "Shadow of Mordor" video game, Software

03:00 Samsung rejects claims of Galaxy Note defect, Consumer & Gadgets

22:40 New technology allows people to take a 'virtual field trip' to an aquarium tank, Other

20:10 Slingbox lets you watch live TV at home or elsewhere, Consumer & Gadgets

19:20 Visa software tackles fraud at the gas pump, Security

18:20 How Apple Watch can avoid some of Google Glass's pitfalls, Consumer & Gadgets

18:00 Movement builds to ensure privacy for Internet users, Internet

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