Apr 17 PsiKick's batteryless sensors poised for coming 'Internet of things', Engineering

Apr 17 Wireless power transfer achieved at five-meter distance, Energy & Green Tech

Apr 17 Google's Street View address reading software also able to decipher CAPTCHAs, Computer Sciences

Apr 17 Neuromorphic computing 'roadmap' envisions analog path to simulating human brain, Computer Sciences

Apr 17 SRI microrobots show fast-building factory approach (w/ video), Robotics

Apr 17 Honda's new ASIMO robot, more human-like than ever, Robotics

Apr 16 Simplicity is key to co-operative robots, Robotics

Apr 16 Microsoft CEO is driving data-culture mindset, Software

Apr 16 Quantenna promises 10-gigabit Wi-Fi by next year, Telecom

Apr 16 Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis, Energy & Green Tech

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