Jul 29 Audi tests its A7 driverless vehicle on Florida highway, Hi Tech & Innovation

Jul 29 Printing the metals of the future, Engineering

Jul 29 New type of ransomware more sophisticated and harder to defeat, Internet

Jul 29 3D printing helps designers build a better brick, Engineering

Jul 29 London mayor expected to say city will rock 5G by 2020, Telecom

Jul 28 Google searches hold key to future market crashes, Internet

Jul 28 Lenovo's smart glasses prototype has battery at neck, Consumer & Gadgets

Jul 28 Researchers discover cool-burning flames in space, could lead to better engines on earth (w/ Video), Engineering

Jul 28 Amazon launches 3D printing store, Business

Jul 28 Can you really be identified on Tor or is that just what the cops want you to believe?, Internet

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