Apr 23 Researchers apply computer vision technique to see tiny vibrations in large structures, Engineering

Apr 23 Concepts emerge for a vertical city in the desert, Energy & Green Tech

Apr 23 Reducing big data using ideas from quantum theory makes it easier to interpret, Computer Sciences

Apr 23 Hello? Facebook launches phone-calling app for Android, Software

Apr 22 Google launches its own mobile telephone service, Telecom

Apr 22 Security meet hears about "No iOS Zone" vulnerability, Security

Apr 22 Solar plane Pacific-crossing a 'human challenge', Energy & Green Tech

Apr 22 Gamers feel the glove: Student team creates feedback device for the hand for virtual environments (w/ Video), Hi Tech & Innovation

Apr 22 Cloud security reaches silicon: System for defending against memory-access attacks implemented in chips, Computer Sciences

Apr 22 Mt. Everest biogas digester project aims to treat human waste, Energy & Green Tech

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