Aug 30 Startups offer banking for smartphone users, Internet

Aug 29 FIXD tells car drivers via smartphone what is wrong, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 29 Leap Motion offers VR mount for hand recognition device, reveals plans for better VR experience, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 29 Seoul to provide smartphone-charging down by the stream, Energy & Green Tech

Aug 29 Google building fleet of package-delivering drones, Hi Tech & Innovation

Aug 28 Socially-assistive robots help kids with autism learn by providing personalized prompts, Robotics

Aug 28 Visual search to shop: gimmick or game changing?, Hi Tech & Innovation

Aug 28 SHORE facial analysis spots emotions on Google Glass, Software

Aug 28 New Samsung smartwatch won't need companion phone, Consumer & Gadgets

Aug 28 Ineda developing low power companion processors to increase battery life for wearables, Hardware

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