15:50 Facebook rolls out video calls on Messenger, Internet

13:20 Google sets up marketplace to buy patents, Business

08:20 MIT and JAIN team wins the Desal Prize for desalination system, Energy & Green Tech

07:00 Startup marries digital, physical worlds, Hi Tech & Innovation

Apr 26 Ears, grips and fists take on mobile phone user ID, Hi Tech & Innovation

Apr 25 Supermarkets welcome cold-comfort edge of F1 aerofoils, Energy & Green Tech

Apr 25 MIT team's wireless Vital-Radio could follow breathing, heart rate at home, Engineering

Apr 24 Team develops faster, higher quality 3-D camera, Engineering

Apr 24 Computer program to take on world's best in Texas Hold 'em, Computer Sciences

Apr 24 Silicon Valley marks 50 years of Moore's Law, Semiconductors

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