16:30 Spotify deals with random shuffle and we mortals, Internet

15:17 Social circles: Study details the degree to which urban movement is linked to social activity, Computer Sciences

08:55 New paper focuses on degree centrality in networks, Computer Sciences

08:00 Research pair finds color a big factor in how much an image is shared on Pinterest, Internet

07:30 Linguists tackle computational analysis of grammar, Computer Sciences

Feb 26 Pebble turns to crowdfunding (again) for latest smartwatch, Consumer & Gadgets

Feb 26 Smart bottles make use of printed sensor tags, Consumer & Gadgets

Feb 25 Companies increasingly turn to tech to keep drones out of no-fly zones, Consumer & Gadgets

Feb 25 HAL wins: Computer program bests humans at 'Space Invaders', Computer Sciences

Feb 25 Electric-car driving range and emissions depend on where you live, Energy & Green Tech

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