15:19 Volvo Cars design team offers concept in rearward baby seating, Hi Tech & Innovation

15:15 Farmers eager for drones, but most can't legally fly them, Engineering

12:51 Dartmouth contests showcase computer-generated creativity, Computer Sciences

Jul 04 Kyocera to bring solar farm transformation to idle golf course, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 04 MasterCard pay by face verification to start as pilot program, Security

Jul 03 Solar plane lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight (Update 2), Energy & Green Tech

Jul 03 A social-network illusion that makes things appear more popular than they are, Computer Sciences

Jul 03 Say it with light: Using LEDs to move data faster, Telecom

Jul 03 Solar panels that protect themselves in high temperatures, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 03 Encryption made easier: Just talk like a parent, Software

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