14:50 Tiny UAVs and hummingbirds are put to test, Engineering

14:22 Innovative scientists update old-school pipetting with new-age technology, Robotics

10:10 Britain to trial driverless cars from 2015, Engineering

09:50 Students' autonomous robot project could be a lifesaver, Robotics

09:40 Country Web domains can't be seized: regulator, Internet

08:50 NIST corrosion lab tests suggest need for underground gas tank retrofits, Engineering

08:10 You don't need a fast car to rob a bank any more, just malware, Software

08:00 Salinity-gradient-power cell's surprisingly high voltage gives it best cost-per-watt of its kind, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 30 Silk leaf maker says material could aid space journeys (w/ Video), Engineering

Jul 30 Microsoft spreads Cortana abroad in Windows Phone, Software

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