10:00 Google Baseline Study aims to define what a healthy human looks like, Internet

09:40 New algorithm identifies data subsets that will yield the most reliable predictions, Computer Sciences

08:51 Five next-generation technologies for positioning, navigation and timing, Engineering

08:00 Prototype display uses eyeglass prescription to allow for viewing devices without glasses, Hi Tech & Innovation

Jul 24 Hoverbike drone project for air transport takes off, Engineering

Jul 24 Artificial intelligence identifies the musical progression of the Beatles, Computer Sciences

Jul 24 No fumbling, just tap, say Moto X tattoo all-stars (w/ Video), Consumer & Gadgets

Jul 23 Designing exascale computers, Computer Sciences

Jul 23 U.K. grocery store to power itself on biogas generated from its own food waste, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 23 IBM's Watson advises US soldiers on life after service, Hi Tech & Innovation

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