10:20 Lockheed Martin successfully mates NOAA GOES-R satellite modules, Space Exploration

10:03 NRL, aerospace industry hosts 10th annual CanSat Student Challenge, Space Exploration

10:00 How baryon acoustic oscillation reveals the expansion of the universe, Astronomy

Sep 19 The Great Cold Spot in the cosmic microwave background, Astronomy

Sep 19 Winter in the southern uplands of Mars, Space Exploration

Sep 19 Five facts about NASA's ISS-RapidScat, Space Exploration

Sep 19 Saturn-circling Cassini spacecraft plumbs Titan's seas next week, Space Exploration

Sep 19 Sandy ridges pose a mystery for future Martian beach vacations, Space Exploration

Sep 19 Image: ESRO-4 readied for solar simulation testing, Space Exploration

Sep 19 Halfway through Blue Dot mission, Space Exploration

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