Jul 21 Suddenly, the sun is eerily quiet: Where did the sunspots go?, Space Exploration

Jul 21 Transiting exoplanet with longest known year, Astronomy

Jul 21 Seeing Earth as an exoplanet: What signs of life are visible?, Space Exploration

Jul 21 Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink, Astronomy

Jul 21 NASA begins engine test project for space launch system rocket, Space Exploration

Jul 20 Study shows oceans vital for possibility for alien life, Astronomy

Jul 18 Fingerprinting the formation of giant planets, Astronomy

Jul 17 Lunar pits could shelter astronauts, reveal details of how 'man in the moon' formed, Space Exploration

Jul 17 Geologist says Curiosity's images show Earth-like soils on Mars, Space Exploration

Jul 17 Comet-chasing space probe makes surprise discovery, Space Exploration

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