19:10 Ice cream goes Southern, okra extracts may increase shelf-life, Other

19:00 Liberal democracy is possible in Muslim-majority countries, Social Sciences

19:00 Instant noodles carry health risks for women: study, Health

18:51 NKorea launch pad expansion 'nearing completion', Space Exploration

18:47 Extracorporeal support can significantly increase number of organs for transplant, Surgery

18:46 Low birth weight linked to higher incidence of type 2 diabetes in African American women, Diabetes

18:46 Despite significant reduction in smog-producing toxins, the Greater Toronto Area still violates ozone standards, Environment

18:43 Fungus deadly to AIDS patients found to grow on trees, Cell & Microbiology

18:41 NASA scientists watching, studying Arctic changes this summer, Earth Sciences

18:37 Canola genome sequence reveals evolutionary 'love triangle', Biotechnology

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