Oct 24 Ebola.com domain sold for big payout, Internet

Oct 24 Lava creeps toward road on Hawaii's Big Island, Earth Sciences

Oct 24 Google exec makes record skydive from edge of space, Space Exploration

Oct 24 Warning coloration paved the way for louder, more complex calls in certain species of poisonous frogs, Plants & Animals

Oct 24 Climate change caused by ocean, not just atmosphere, study finds, Earth Sciences

Oct 24 New study finds options for climate change policy are well characterized, Environment

Oct 24 Law of the Sea authorizes animal tagging research without nations' consent, Ecology

Oct 24 Prognostic factors identified for peripheral squamous cell carcinomas of the lung, Cancer

Oct 24 Hinode satellite captures X-ray footage of solar eclipse, Space Exploration

Oct 24 New 'Surveyman' software promises to revolutionize survey design and accuracy, Social Sciences

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