03:10 US warns against traveling to Ebola-hit countries, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

03:10 'Fracking' in the dark: Biological fallout of shale-gas production still largely unknown, Environment

03:00 Colorado considers a new look for edible pot, Health

02:50 Scientist underlines threat of inevitable 'solar super-storms', Space Exploration

02:50 Invasive lionfish likely safe to eat after all, Ecology

02:45 Judge won't free Russian accused of hacking in US, Internet

02:44 Google says 'forgetting' isn't easy, as requests mount, Internet

02:41 Unintended consequences: More high school math, science linked to more dropouts, Social Sciences

02:40 Algorithm reduces use of CT scans when diagnosing children with appendicitis, Cancer

02:40 Study of bigeye tuna in Northwest Atlantic uses new tracking methods, Ecology

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