09:40 Was it unethical to hoax the world about chocolate as a weight loss 'accelerator'?, Other

09:40 What is lunar regolith?, Space Exploration

09:40 Adolescent medicine expert helps parents share the dangers of e-cigarettes with teens, Pediatrics

09:40 Chemical deterrent from snow fleas identified, Materials Science

09:33 Equinix to buy data center operator TelecityGroup for $3.3B, Business

09:30 Return of the 'snooper's charter' reflects a worldwide move towards greater surveillance, Security

09:30 Bacterial tenants in fungal quarters, Biotechnology

09:30 Mathematician designs social sustainability software, Software

09:27 RTOG 0537 shows acupuncture-like ENS may provide relief for radiation-induced dry mouth, Cancer

09:25 Severe flooding hits central Texas, Oklahoma, Earth Sciences

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