14:00 Pre-1950 structures suffered the most damage from August 2014 Napa quake, Earth Sciences

14:00 Highly sensitive detection of malaria parasites, Medical research

14:00 Adults only really catch flu about twice a decade, suggests study, Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

14:00 Amgen says a study found its cancer drug more effective than rival drug, Cancer

14:00 Far from home: Wayward cluster is both tiny and distant, Astronomy

14:00 Air pollution linked to slower cognitive development in children, Health

13:59 ADHD plus childhood trauma heightens risk for self-harm, suicide, Attention deficit disorders

13:58 Early life stress may cause excess serotonin release resulting in a serotonin deficit, Neuroscience

13:57 Researchers discover new material to produce clean energy, Condensed Matter

13:55 Study finds lasting severe weather impact in feathers of young birds, Plants & Animals

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