14:21 Study pumps up the volume on understanding of marine invertebrate hearing, Plants & Animals

14:17 Mysteries of 'molecular machines' revealed, Cell & Microbiology

14:10 It's down to the wire for online shopping, Business

14:08 Intel seeks to make migrations to Chromebook easy, Software

13:59 US urges N. Korea to compensate Sony for cyberattack, Security

13:57 Crowdsourcing with mobile apps brings 'big data' to psychological research, Psychology & Psychiatry

13:57 Variety is the spice of humble moth's sex life, Plants & Animals

13:55 Shape-shifting may help some species cope with climate change, study shows, Ecology

13:54 Distribution of fish on the northeast US shelf influenced by both fishing and climate, Ecology

13:51 Disadvantaged men more likely to do 'women's work' reveals new study, Social Sciences

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