15:10 Phone firms and the quest for the 5G Holy Grail, Telecom

15:00 Fujitsu shows iris recognition system that unlocks phones, Hardware

14:54 Research links creativity with inability to filter irrelevant sensory information, Psychology & Psychiatry

14:52 Expanding sports concussion laws may help ensure safety of all teenage athletes, Pediatrics

14:52 Spouses of alcoholics can benefit from online help, study finds, Psychology & Psychiatry

14:40 Device gives early warning on heart failure, Cardiology

14:20 California scientists link tiny particles in car exhaust to heart disease, Health

14:06 FCC head defends Internet neutrality rules on the road (Update), Telecom

14:06 Study finds female entrepreneurs are discounted because of their gender, Social Sciences

14:04 Real estate bidding wars aren't going away, Economics & Business

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