11:19 Richard III's makeshift grave opens to public, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 25 Physicists create tool to foresee language destruction impact and thus prevent it, Social Sciences

Jul 25 Affirmative action elicits bias in pro-equality Caucasians, Social Sciences

Jul 24 Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 24 Footprints suggest tyrannosaurs were gregarious, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 24 Narcissistic CEOs and financial performance, Economics & Business

Jul 24 Election surprises tend to erode trust in government, Social Sciences

Jul 24 Wives with more education than their husbands no longer at increased risk of divorce, Social Sciences

Jul 24 Apartment dwellers more likely to fear crime in their neighbourhood but feel safer at home than those in detached homes, Social Sciences

Jul 24 A third of U.S. low-wage workers are only earners in household, Economics & Business

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