Jan 26 Girls lead boys in academic achievement globally, Social Sciences

Jan 26 Best of Last Week – Setting a quantum speed limit, slowing the speed of light and turning back the aging clock, Other

Jan 24 Experts examine bones as Spain hunts for Cervantes' remains (Update), Archaeology & Fossils

Jan 22 Early human ancestors used their hands like modern humans, Archaeology & Fossils

Jan 22 Tonal languages require humidity, Social Sciences

Jan 20 Kennewick Man's DNA likely that of a Native, Archaeology & Fossils

Jan 20 Study says Facebook not to blame for negative impact on grades, Social Sciences

Jan 20 New model explores location of future US population growth, Social Sciences

Jan 20 X-rays unlock secrets of ancient scrolls buried by volcano, Archaeology & Fossils

Jan 20 Researchers find mountain climbers from hierarchical societies have more success and more deaths, Social Sciences

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