Oct 20 Secrets of dinosaur ecology found in fragile amber, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 20 Mammalian bones provide clues to early human activity, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 20 Anthropology unlocks clues about Roman gladiators' eating habits, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 20 Best of Last Week – First map of hidden universe, pursuit of compact fusion and new clues about the causes of depression, Other

Oct 16 Researcher discusses international team to protect ancient footprints, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 16 Archeologists unearth 3,300 year old complex in Israel, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 16 How myths about the brain are hampering teaching, Social Sciences

Oct 15 Reminding people of their religious belief system reduces hostility, Social Sciences

Oct 15 Prehistoric crocodiles' evolution mirrored in living species, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 15 Ancient fossils confirmed among our strangest cousins, Archaeology & Fossils

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