Sep 15 'Jaws' lived in Doncaster according to fossil record, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 12 Smartphone app used by experimenters to learn more about aspects of morality, Social Sciences

Sep 11 Shark-munching Spinosaurus was first-known water dinosaur, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 11 Facebook posts reveal personality traits, but changes complicate interpretation, Social Sciences

Sep 11 Pelican-like pterosaur enters record books, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 11 Thick-skinned dinosaur gets the last laugh, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 10 Three extinct squirrel-like species discovery supports earlier origin of mammals in late Triassic, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 10 50 million year old mite attached to ant head found in piece of amber, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 10 New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 09 New species of extinct dolphin sheds light on river dolphin history, Archaeology & Fossils

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