Jul 21 Mammoth and mastodon behavior was less roam, more stay at home, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 21 Philosopher uses game theory to understand how words, actions acquire meaning, Social Sciences

Jul 21 Best of Last Week – New type of qubit created, Hubble sees a glowing galaxy and extreme agreeing may solve disagreements, Other

Jul 21 Cranial reconstruction of 300 million-year-old specimens of a primitive reptile-like vertebrate, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 17 Culture influences strategy in online coordination game, Social Sciences

Jul 16 Fair cake cutting gets its own algorithm, Mathematics

Jul 16 Brain of world's first known predators discovered, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 16 Do women talk more than men? It depends, Social Sciences

Jul 15 Do daughters really cause divorce? Maybe not, Social Sciences

Jul 15 New feathered predatory fossil sheds light on dinosaur flight, Archaeology & Fossils

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