May 20 Oldest-known stone tools pre-date Homo, Archaeology & Fossils

May 19 Thinking alike changes the conversation, Social Sciences

May 19 Genes may influence leadership in the workplace, research finds, Social Sciences

May 18 When citizens disobey: New study suggests people use 'constructive noncompliance' to enact change, Social Sciences

May 18 Best of Last Week – Study backs Standard Model, splitting an electron and human attention span now shorter than goldfish, Other

May 14 Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained, Social Sciences

May 14 Anti-poverty intervention provides sustained boost to incomes and wealth, study finds, Social Sciences

May 14 Analysis of bones found in Romania offer evidence of human and Neanderthal interbreeding in Europe, Archaeology & Fossils

May 13 Game intelligence can be learned, Mathematics

May 13 Ancient skeleton shows leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia, Archaeology & Fossils

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