Jun 29 Study reveals a common beat in global music, Social Sciences

Jun 29 When times are tough, parents favor daughters over sons, Social Sciences

Jun 29 Sleeping on the job? Actually, that's a good thing, Social Sciences

Jun 29 Best of Last Week–Magnetic devils staircase, a skinlike display and conscious mind might be less in control than thought, Other

Jun 29 Researchers ask a fundamental safety question—what are kids thinking when crossing the street?, Social Sciences

Jun 25 Group calls for more transparency in science research, announces guidelines, Other

Jun 25 Top scientists call for improved incentives to ensure research integrity, Other

Jun 24 Newly found ring of teeth uncovers what common ancestor of molting animals looked like, Archaeology & Fossils

Jun 24 Four hundred million year old fish fossil has earliest example of teeth, Archaeology & Fossils

Jun 23 Researcher uncovers inherent biases of big data collected from social media sites, Social Sciences

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