Aug 27 In sync and in control? Marching in unison makes men feel more formidable, Social Sciences

Aug 26 Animals first flex their muscles, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 25 Taung Child's skull and brain not human-like in expansion, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 25 Utah's Great Gallery rock art younger than expected, say scientists, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 25 Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 25 Best of Last Week – Evidence of quark-gluon interactions, new portable device hack and why we may never live forever, Other

Aug 22 Study shows readers absorb less information when reading on a Kindle, Social Sciences

Aug 22 In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions?, Social Sciences

Aug 20 Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 20 Jurassic Welsh mammals were picky eaters, study finds, Archaeology & Fossils

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