Dec 16 Your chance of becoming globally famous depends on the language you speak, Social Sciences

Dec 16 Why whistleblowing doesn't come easily, Social Sciences

Dec 15 Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 Seasoned policymakers drive the fairest bargain of all, Social Sciences

Dec 15 Mathematicians prove the Umbral Moonshine Conjecture, Mathematics

Dec 15 Best of Last Week – World record for tabletop accelerator, mystery of Earth's water source and roller coaster strokes, Other

Dec 15 Habitual use of fire as told from cave near Haifa, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 12 Assessing scientific research by 'citation wake' detects Nobel laureates' papers, Mathematics

Dec 11 Tripling Internet access would do more good than tackling HIV: study, Economics & Business

Dec 11 Study supports the theory that 'men are idiots', Social Sciences

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