Apr 16 Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered, Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 16 Ancient shark fossil reveals new insights into jaw evolution, Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 16 Study: The trials of the Cherokee were reflected in their skulls, Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 14 Last Week's Best—Quantum mechanics breakthrough, 3-D printed human heart, and paraplegia therapy, Other

Apr 11 Online food reviews reveal inner self, Stanford linguist finds, Social Sciences

Apr 10 Scroll that mentions Jesus's wife is ancient, scientists confirm, Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 10 Researchers find rare fossilized embryos more than 500 million years old, Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 10 Ancient 'spider' images reveal eye-opening secrets (w/ video), Archaeology & Fossils

Apr 10 Professor notes wait for Nobel science prizes is growing alarming long, Other

Apr 09 Extinct carnivorous marsupial may have hunted prey larger than itself, Archaeology & Fossils

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