13:00 Earliest known fossil of the genus Homo dates to 2.8 to 2.75 million years ago, Archaeology & Fossils

10:10 Research shows belief in supernatural punishment, rather than 'big gods' of religion gave rise to complex societies, Social Sciences

07:24 Museum workers able to digitally recreate Stegosaurus to find its mass, Archaeology & Fossils

05:59 Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome, Archaeology & Fossils

Mar 03 Research challenges popular theory on origin of languages, Social Sciences

Mar 02 Archaeologists open the mysterious lead coffin found buried just feet from the former grave of King Richard III, Archaeology & Fossils

Mar 02 Best of Last Week–Can space travel faster than light, another planet behind the Sun and should we allow head transplants, Other

Feb 27 How were fossil tracks made by Early Triassic swimming reptiles so well preserved?, Archaeology & Fossils

Feb 27 Broken windows thesis springs a leak, Social Sciences

Feb 26 Ancient wheat points to Stone Age trading links, Archaeology & Fossils

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