16:30 Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa, Archaeology & Fossils

15:40 Footprints suggest tyrannosaurs were gregarious, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 24 West US cave with fossil secrets to be excavated, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 21 'Moral victories' might spare you from losing again, Mathematics

Jul 21 Mammoth and mastodon behavior was less roam, more stay at home, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 21 Philosopher uses game theory to understand how words, actions acquire meaning, Social Sciences

Jul 21 Best of Last Week – New type of qubit created, Hubble sees a glowing galaxy and extreme agreeing may solve disagreements, Other

Jul 21 Cranial reconstruction of 300 million-year-old specimens of a primitive reptile-like vertebrate, Archaeology & Fossils

Jul 17 Culture influences strategy in online coordination game, Social Sciences

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