05:41 Scientists demonstrate Stokes drift principle, General Physics

Sep 30 Unexpected new mechanism reveals how molecules become trapped in ice, Condensed Matter

Sep 30 Layering rough surfaces with nanometer-thin optical interference coatings opens new array of possible applications, Condensed Matter

Sep 30 Laser-guided sea monkeys show how zooplankton migrations may affect global ocean currents, Soft Matter

Sep 30 Entanglement made tangible, Quantum Physics

Sep 30 The risks of blowing your own trumpet too soon on research, General Physics

Sep 30 Deceptive-looking vortex line in superfluid led to twice-mistaken identity, General Physics

Sep 30 Physicists develop miniature Raman laser sensors for single nanoparticle detection, Optics & Photonics

Sep 30 Using large cryogenic pellets, US ITER advances new fusion technology, Plasma Physics

Sep 30 First dark matter search results from Chinese underground lab hosting PandaX-I experiment, General Physics

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