Mar 27 New insights found in black hole collisions, General Physics

Mar 27 X-rays probe LHC for cause of short circuit, General Physics

Mar 27 Deeper understanding of quantum fluctuations in 'frustrated' layered magnetic crystals, Quantum Physics

Mar 27 Swimming algae offer insights into living fluid dynamics, General Physics

Mar 27 First glimpse inside a macroscopic quantum state, Quantum Physics

Mar 26 Using magnetic fields to understand high-temperature superconductivity, Superconductivity

Mar 26 Engineers develop new methods to speed up simulations in computational grand challenge, General Physics

Mar 26 Theory of the strong interaction verified, Quantum Physics

Mar 26 Fluctuation X-ray scattering, General Physics

Mar 26 Understanding spectral properties of broadband biphotons, Optics & Photonics

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