17:00 The hemihelix: Scientists discover a new shape using rubber bands (w/ video), General Physics

16:58 Mapping the road to quantum gravity, General Physics

16:31 Chameleon crystals could enable active camouflage (w/ video), Condensed Matter

14:56 Atomic switcheroo explains origins of thin-film solar cell mystery, Condensed Matter

14:53 Economics = MC2—A portrait of the modern physics startup, General Physics

14:51 Superconducting qubit array points the way to error-free quantum computers, Quantum Physics

Apr 23 X-ray laser experiment explores how specially shocked material gets stronger, Condensed Matter

Apr 23 Precise control of optical frequency on a chip, Optics & Photonics

Apr 23 Physicist demonstrates dictionary definition was dodgy, General Physics

Apr 23 Liquid spacetime: A very slippery superfluid, that's what spacetime could be like, Quantum Physics

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