15:28 Generating Mobius strips of light: Researchers experimentally produce these structures from light polarization, Optics & Photonics

10:38 Research group figures out a way to film a laser in normal air bouncing off mirrors (w/ Video), General Physics

Jan 29 Quantum computer makes finding new physics more difficult, Quantum Physics

Jan 29 Could a new proposed particle help to detect dark matter?, General Physics

Jan 29 Building the next generation of efficient computers, General Physics

Jan 29 Nobel laureate Charles Townes, laser co-creator, dies at 99, General Physics

Jan 28 Missing link in metal physics explains Earth's magnetic field, General Physics

Jan 28 Quantum computer as detector shows space is not squeezed, Quantum Physics

Jan 28 International research project leads to a breakthrough in terahertz spectroscopy, Optics & Photonics

Jan 28 Scientists in China and US chart latest discoveries of iron-based superconductors, Superconductivity

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