15:00 Report: Careers outside of academia are richly rewarding for Ph.D. physicists, General Physics

11:00 Using muons from cosmic rays to find fraying infrastructure, General Physics

11:00 Study of storage material magnesium hydride may give boost to hydrogen cars, Condensed Matter

09:40 Samsung develops lithium-ion battery with nearly double the life, Condensed Matter

09:00 How magnetism manifests in the universe, General Physics

08:22 How biological motors and molecules can be used to measure magnetic materials, General Physics

07:37 We've just started work on the technology to power a Star-Trek style replicator, General Physics

07:10 Highly-precise comparison of mercury and strontium optical lattice clocks, General Physics

06:09 New method of quantum entanglement vastly increases how much information can be carried in a photon, Quantum Physics

Jun 29 Sandia's Z machine receives funding aimed at fusion energy, General Physics

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