13:00 Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states, Quantum Physics

08:28 Spin-based electronics: New material successfully tested, General Physics

07:05 Verifying the future of quantum computing, Quantum Physics

Jul 29 Optimum inertial self-propulsion design for snowman-like nanorobot, General Physics

Jul 29 The Quantum Cheshire Cat: Can neutrons be located at a different place than their own spin?, General Physics

Jul 29 A transistor-like amplifier for single photons, General Physics

Jul 28 Physicists unlock nature of high-temperature superconductivity, Superconductivity

Jul 28 Serial time-encoded amplified microscopy for ultrafast imaging based on multi-wavelength laser, General Physics

Jul 28 Measuring the smallest magnets: Physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons, General Physics

Jul 28 New theory predicts magnets may act as wireless cooling agents., General Physics

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