Aug 27 Experiments explain why some liquids are 'fragile' and others are 'strong', Condensed Matter

Aug 27 When an exciton acts like a hole, General Physics

Aug 26 Symphony of nanoplasmonic and optical resonators produces laser-like light emission, Optics & Photonics

Aug 26 Do we live in a 2-D hologram? New Fermilab experiment will test the nature of the universe, General Physics

Aug 26 Duality principle is 'safe and sound': Researchers clear up apparent violation of wave-particle duality, Quantum Physics

Aug 26 Researchers devise several ways to orient nonmagnetic objects in 3D space using magnetic levitation, General Physics

Aug 26 Laser pulse turns glass into a metal, Optics & Photonics

Aug 26 Calculating conditions at the birth of the universe, General Physics

Aug 25 Tilted acoustic tweezers separate cells gently, General Physics

Aug 25 Physics research removes outcome unpredictability of ultracold atomic reactions, Quantum Physics

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