Jul 02 Researchers demonstrate measurement system able to resolve quantum fluctuations, Quantum Physics

Jul 01 Could your smartphone one day tell you you're pregnant?, Optics & Photonics

Jul 01 Ultra-stable JILA microscopy technique tracks tiny objects for hours, Optics & Photonics

Jul 01 Producing spin-entangled electrons, Quantum Physics

Jul 01 How oversized atoms could help shrink, Condensed Matter

Jul 01 Invisibility cloak aspirations inspire new metasurface material, General Physics

Jul 01 The cosmic start of lightning, General Physics

Jun 30 Snake skin inspired surfaces smash records, providing 40 percent friction reduction, General Physics

Jun 30 New model of cosmic stickiness favors 'Big Rip' demise of universe, General Physics

Jun 30 Using muons from cosmic rays to find fraying infrastructure, General Physics

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