Oct 28 Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?, General Physics

Oct 28 Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?, General Physics

Oct 28 Spontaneous wave function collapse can suppress acoustic Schrodinger cat states, General Physics

Oct 28 Physicists find simple solution for quantum technology challenge, Quantum Physics

Oct 28 Researchers use cellphone data to construct population density maps, General Physics

Oct 27 Ultrafast electron diffraction experiments open a new window on the microscopic world, General Physics

Oct 27 Light-matter interaction can turn opaque materials transparent, General Physics

Oct 27 Data from 'old' experiment appears to constrain the idea of dark photons as part of dark matter theory, General Physics

Oct 27 Faster switching helps ferroelectrics become viable replacement for transistors, Condensed Matter

Oct 27 255 Terabits/s: Researchers demonstrate record data transmission over new type of fiber, Optics & Photonics

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