13:22 UCI team is first to capture motion of single molecule in real time, Optics & Photonics

13:14 And so they beat on, flagella against the cantilever, General Physics

09:20 Physicists design zero-friction quantum engine, Quantum Physics

07:40 Cornell theorists continue the search for supersymmetry, General Physics

Sep 15 'Squid skin' metamaterials project yields vivid color display, Condensed Matter

Sep 15 Team finds elusive quantum transformations near absolute zero, Quantum Physics

Sep 15 Scientists control surface tension to manipulate liquid metals (w/ Video), Condensed Matter

Sep 15 Neutrino trident production may offer powerful probe of new physics, General Physics

Sep 15 Brandeis physicists unlock secrets of the 2-D world and edge closer to artificial cells, General Physics

Sep 15 Simulation method identifies materials for better batteries, Condensed Matter

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