Aug 19 Researchers demonstrate ultra low-field nuclear magnetic resonance using Earth's magnetic field, General Physics

Aug 19 Bubbling down: Discovery suggests surprising uses for common bubbles, General Physics

Aug 19 New non-metallic metamaterial enables team to 'compress' and contain light, Optics & Photonics

Aug 19 Researchers create wind-powered mechanoluminescent lighting material, General Physics

Aug 19 Organic photovoltaic cells of the future: Charge formation efficiency used to screen materials, Condensed Matter

Aug 19 First indirect evidence of so-far undetected strange baryons, General Physics

Aug 19 Laser 'Lightning rods' channel electricity through thin air, Optics & Photonics

Aug 18 Guidelines for enhancing solar cells using surface plasmon polaritons, General Physics

Aug 18 Promising ferroelectric materials suffer from unexpected electric polarizations, Condensed Matter

Aug 17 'Cavity protection effect' helps to conserve quantum information, Quantum Physics

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