Sep 01 Sierra Nevada freshwater runoff could drop 26 percent by 2100, Environment

Sep 01 Ride-sharing could cut cabs' road time by 30 percent, Computer Sciences

Sep 01 Engineers develop new sensor to detect tiny individual nanoparticles, Optics & Photonics

Sep 01 Faster, cheaper tests for sickle cell disease, Analytical Chemistry

Sep 01 Coral organisms use minuscule appendages to control their environment, stirring up water eddies to bring nutrients, Environment

Sep 01 PIN customers can avoid heat of thief's phone attachment, Security

Sep 01 Study claims cave art made by Neanderthals, Archaeology & Fossils

Sep 01 Apparent massive hack attack reveals stars' nude pictures, Security

Sep 01 DNA may have had humble beginnings as nutrient carrier, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 01 Carcinogenic role of a protein in liver decoded, Medical research

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