Oct 21 Researchers construct a model of impact for El Nino / La Nina events, Earth Sciences

Oct 21 Cosmic rays threaten future deep-space astronaut missions, Space Exploration

Oct 21 Exploring X-ray phase tomography with synchrotron radiation, General Physics

Oct 21 Google's streaming music service adds mood to mix, Software

Oct 21 Studies suggest participants in group conflicts misunderstand opponent's motives, Psychology & Psychiatry

Oct 21 Kung fu stegosaur, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 21 Super stable garnet ceramics may be ideal for high-energy lithium batteries, Energy & Green Tech

Oct 21 Ancient Europeans intolerant to lactose for 5,000 years after they adopted agriculture, Archaeology & Fossils

Oct 21 Backpack physics: Smaller hikers carry heavier loads, General Physics

Oct 21 Triplet threat from the sun, Materials Science

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