Mar 27 Seeing the (UV) light: Previously undetected difference in human mutation rate unique to Europeans, Evolution

Mar 27 Optically activating a cell signaling pathway using carbon nanotubes, Bio & Medicine

Mar 27 Metals used in high-tech products face future supply risks, Earth Sciences

Mar 27 A peek at the secret life of pandas, Plants & Animals

Mar 27 Indiegogo project 'Switchmate' lets you run light switch from your phone without rewiring, Consumer & Gadgets

Mar 27 Researchers offer update on immunotherapy based cancer fighting drugs, Cancer

Mar 27 Bacterial protein called UmuD may prevent antibiotic resistance, Biochemistry

Mar 27 Study considers how coalition-building by monkeys relates to human social structures, Plants & Animals

Mar 27 Disrupted biological clock linked to Alzheimer's disease, Neuroscience

Mar 27 Researchers find patterns in evolving genomes of thousands of species, Biotechnology

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