Aug 21 Children with autism have extra synapses in brain, Neuroscience

Aug 21 Viruses take down massive algal blooms, with big implications for climate, Earth Sciences

Aug 21 Alternate mechanism of species formation picks up support, thanks to a South American ant, Plants & Animals

Aug 21 Some anti-inflammatory drugs affect more than their targets, Cell & Microbiology

Aug 21 Influenced by self-interest, humans less concerned about inequity to others, Neuroscience

Aug 21 World's coolest molecules, General Physics

Aug 21 Meteorite study indicates volcanic activity on early small asteroids, Space Exploration

Aug 21 Researchers use expanding gels to mimic creation of folds in mammalian brain, Neuroscience

Aug 21 Color hologram uses plasmonic nanoparticles to store large amounts of information, Nanophysics

Aug 21 ITAR-TASS claims Russian cosmonauts have found sea plankton on outside of International Space Station, Space Exploration

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