Dec 24 Locking mechanism found for 'scissors' that cut DNA, Cell & Microbiology

Dec 24 Egg and sperm race: Scientists create precursors to human egg and sperm in the lab, Cell & Microbiology

Dec 24 Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission in live mammalian brain, Neuroscience

Dec 24 Scientists zero in on how lung cancer spreads, Cancer

Dec 24 High-fat diet, obesity during pregnancy harms stem cells in developing fetus, Obstetrics & gynaecology

Dec 24 Ionic liquids open door to better rare-earth materials processing, Materials Science

Dec 24 Scientists identify rare cancer's genetic pathways, Cancer

Dec 24 Researchers find incest in one mammal species appears to be the safest approach, Plants & Animals

Dec 24 World's most complex crystal simulated, Condensed Matter

Dec 24 Atoms queue up for quantum computer networks, General Physics

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