09:10 Chemists warn scientific community of research dollars and time being wasted on PAINS, Biochemistry

08:50 Study finds Portal 2 better at improving cognitive skills than Lumosity, Psychology & Psychiatry

08:30 Researcher propose new theory to describe how saber-toothed cats downed their prey, Archaeology & Fossils

08:27 Simultaneous imaging of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric domains, General Physics

07:20 Scientists probe leak risk from seabed CO2 stores, Environment

06:48 Novel porous silicon microfabrication technique increases sensing ability, Optics & Photonics

06:42 Salt marsh plants key to reducing coastal erosion and flooding, Environment

06:20 New tool could bring clearer view of oxygen-minimum oceanic zones, Earth Sciences

06:07 Judgment and decision-making: Brain activity indicates there is more than meets the eye, Neuroscience

05:55 'Ditch the 2C warming goal': Researchers suggest society is striving for a misleading, unattainable climate goal, Environment

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