Jul 03 Say it with light: Using LEDs to move data faster, Telecom

Jul 03 Hubble view: Wolf-Rayet stars, intense and short-lived, Astronomy

Jul 03 Research clarifies the physics of water repelling surfaces, General Physics

Jul 03 Solar panels that protect themselves in high temperatures, Energy & Green Tech

Jul 03 Mapping the world's linguistic diversity—scientists discover links between your genes and the language you speak, Social Sciences

Jul 03 Encryption made easier: Just talk like a parent, Software

Jul 03 Polymer mold makes perfect silicon nanostructures, Nanomaterials

Jul 03 New Horizons color images reveal two distinct faces of Pluto, Space Exploration

Jul 03 SemanticPaint system labels environment quickly online, Hi Tech & Innovation

Jul 03 'Invisible' protein structure explains the power of enzymes, Biochemistry

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