Nov 25 Heat-conducting plastic developed, Polymers

Nov 25 Mere expectation of treatment can improve brain activity in Parkinson's patients, Neuroscience

Nov 25 International team completes genome sequence of centipede, Biotechnology

Nov 25 Another reason to be thankful: Turkeys may be lifesavers, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 25 Sony Pictures network reportedly hit by hackers (Update), Security

Nov 25 A link between DNA transcription and disease-causing expansions, Genetics

Nov 25 Vegetable oil ingredient key to destroying gastric disease bacteria, Medical research

Nov 25 Physicists bind single-atom sheets with the same force geckos use to climb walls, Nanomaterials

Nov 25 Vultures evolved an extreme gut to cope with disgusting dietary habits, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 25 Blu-ray disc can be used to improve solar cell performance, Engineering

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