May 29 Chemical deterrent from snow fleas identified, Materials Science

May 29 Mechanism for aprotic sodium-air batteries, Energy & Green Tech

May 29 New technique harnesses everyday seismic waves to image the Earth, Earth Sciences

May 29 Memory shape alloy can be bent 10 million times and still snaps back, Condensed Matter

May 29 Herschel's hunt for filaments in the Milky Way, Astronomy

May 29 New lab can create hurricane conditions on demand, Earth Sciences

May 29 Microbes can survive in meteorites if shielded from UV radiation, study says, Space Exploration

May 29 Researchers capture higher resolution imagery of photosynthetic large light harvesting complex I, Biochemistry

May 29 Sharp-eyed ALMA spots a flare on famous red giant star, Astronomy

May 29 Cold improves longevity for some C. elegans worms, shortens life span for others, Cell & Microbiology

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