11:21 Researchers develop molecular backbone of super-slim, bendable digital displays, Nanomaterials

11:11 Super sensitive measurement of magnetic fields, General Physics

11:10 High-tech method allows rapid imaging of functions in living brain, Optics & Photonics

11:08 Drought damage leads to widespread forest death, Environment

11:06 Researchers find new link between neurodegenerative diseases and abnormal immune responses, Immunology

11:05 Direct evidence for a positive feedback in climate change, Earth Sciences

11:04 Comet dust—planet Mercury's 'invisible paint', Space Exploration

11:02 Physicists report technology with potential for sub-micron optical switches, Optics & Photonics

11:01 Family income, parental education related to brain structure in children and adolescents, Neuroscience

11:00 Researchers develop new potential drug for rare leukemia, Cancer

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