Nov 21 More genetic clues found in a severe food allergy, Genetics

Nov 21 Life's extremists may be an untapped source of antibacterial drugs, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 21 Mysterious glowworm found in Peruvian rainforest, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Amazon frogs found to build mental maps of their local area, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Built for speed: paranodal junction assembly in high performance nerves, Neuroscience

Nov 21 Jumping hurdles in the RNA world, Biochemistry

Nov 21 Startup creates VetiGel, a plant based polymer that seals wounds in seconds, Medical research

Nov 21 Multiphysics invisibility cloak manipulates both electric current and heat, General Physics

Nov 21 Nail stem cells prove more versatile than press ons, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 21 BICEP2 all over again? Researchers place Higgs boson discovery in doubt, General Physics

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