20:00 Isotope study shows which urban ants love junk food, Plants & Animals

19:10 Worm lizards dispersed by 'rafting' over oceans, not continental drift, Archaeology & Fossils

19:00 Tiny songbird discovered to migrate non-stop, 1,500 miles over the Atlantic, Plants & Animals

19:00 The nature of nurture is all about your mother, study says, Plants & Animals

18:30 Paracetamol is ineffective for lower back pain, Medications

17:09 Discovering missing body parts of ancient fossils, Archaeology & Fossils

17:03 Google unveils 'stick' computer with Asus, Consumer & Gadgets

15:38 Researchers see drop in methane emissions from natural gas local distribution systems, Environment

15:05 Skin tough: study at Advanced Light Source shows why skin is resistant to tearing, Materials Science

14:52 Natural nanocrystals shown to strengthen concrete, Nanomaterials

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