16:29 Review: With Galaxy S5, Samsung proves less can be more, Consumer & Gadgets

15:55 Making graphene in your kitchen, Nanomaterials

13:00 Team identifies source of most cases of invasive bladder cancer, Cancer

13:00 Researchers uncover link between Down syndrome and leukemia, Genetics

13:00 Study casts doubt on climate benefit of biofuels from corn residue, Environment

13:00 'Chaperone' compounds offer new approach to Alzheimer's treatment, Alzheimer's disease & dementia

13:00 Cancer stem cells linked to drug resistance, Cancer

13:00 Bulletproof nuclei? Stem cells exhibit unusual absorption property, Cell & Microbiology

13:00 Improving newborns' bacterial environment could fend off infections, animal study suggests, Immunology

13:00 Computational method dramatically speeds up estimates of gene expression, Biotechnology

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