12:50 Mathematical model tackles 'Game of Thrones' predictions, Mathematics

12:35 Sandblasting winds shift Mars' landscape, Space Exploration

12:22 In stickleback fish, dads influence offspring behavior and gene expression, Plants & Animals

11:00 Breakthrough study discovers six changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria, Cell & Microbiology

11:00 Unexpected new mechanism reveals how molecules become trapped in ice, Condensed Matter

11:00 Layering rough surfaces with nanometer-thin optical interference coatings opens new array of possible applications, Condensed Matter

11:00 Laser-guided sea monkeys show how zooplankton migrations may affect global ocean currents, Soft Matter

10:05 Entanglement made tangible, Quantum Physics

10:00 Kickstarter project SAM kit helps teach hardware system coding, Hardware

09:30 Axons growing out of dendrites? Neuroscientists hate when that happens, Neuroscience

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