11:20 Why Americans can't buy some of the best sunscreens, Other

11:09 Expanding the code of life with new 'letters', Biochemistry

10:18 'Cold soak' process turns up the heat on wines, Other

09:20 Devices designed to identify pathogens in food, Analytical Chemistry

07:38 Biosensor may improve clinical diagnosis of influenza A, Analytical Chemistry

May 26 Researchers develop a novel device to image the minute forces and actions involved in cell membrane hemifusion, Biochemistry

May 26 New chip makes testing for antibiotic-resistant bacteria faster, easier, Analytical Chemistry

May 26 Researchers find 'decoder ring' powers in micro RNA, Biochemistry

May 26 Nearly indestructible virus yields tool to treat diseases, Biochemistry

May 26 DNA mutations get harder to hide, Biochemistry

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