Jul 03 'Invisible' protein structure explains the power of enzymes, Biochemistry

Jul 03 The bioprinted 'play dough' capable of cell and protein transfer, Biochemistry

Jul 02 Scientists advance cancer drug design with image of key protein, Biochemistry

Jul 02 Bioengineers develop highly elastic biomaterial for better wound healing, Materials Science

Jul 01 Marine biologists clarify how specialized cells in squid skin are able to control the animal's coloration, Biochemistry

Jul 01 Researchers develop new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion, Materials Science

Jul 01 Implantable 'artificial pancreas' could help diabetes patients control their blood sugar, Other

Jul 01 Bio-inspired catalyst paves the way to 'gas-to-liquid'-technologies, Materials Science

Jul 01 What makes fireflies glow?, Biochemistry

Jul 01 Scientists reveal different dynamics of droplet formation on fibers, Materials Science

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