Apr 17 Beyond the lithium ion—a significant step toward a better performing battery, Materials Science

Apr 17 Monitoring the mechanosynthesis of cage compounds suitable for storing gases, Materials Science

Apr 17 Researchers show soft sides with layered fabric 3-D printer, Materials Science

Apr 16 Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment, Materials Science

Apr 16 Biocompatible, antimicrobial coating shown to limit bacterial growth, Materials Science

Apr 16 Chemistry set pencils can turn life-saving tests into child's play, Materials Science

Apr 16 Discovery changes how scientists examine rarest elements of periodic table, Materials Science

Apr 16 A new 'metrics toolkit' to measure and evaluate how green a chemical reaction is, Materials Science

Apr 16 Kimchi-based preservative used in cosmetics is not so natural, Other

Apr 16 Project for computational screening of molecules could accelerate electrolyte discovery, Materials Science

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