Sep 19 A refined approach to proteins at low resolution, Biochemistry

Sep 19 Base-pairing protects DNA from UV damage, Biochemistry

Sep 19 Smartgels are thicker than water, Materials Science

Sep 19 Identification of redox-sensitive enzymes can enrich biofuel production research, Biochemistry

Sep 18 Incorporation of DOPA into engineered mussel glue proteins, Materials Science

Sep 18 Separation of para and ortho water, Materials Science

Sep 17 Chemists modify antibiotic to vanquish resistant bacteria, Biochemistry

Sep 17 Abnormal properties of cancer protein revealed in fly eyes, Biochemistry

Sep 17 Rooting out horse-meat fraud in the wake of a recent food scandal, Other

Sep 17 Researchers create materials that reproduce cephalopods' ability to quickly change colors and textures, Materials Science

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