Aug 28 Synthesis produces new antibiotic: Scientists confirm potent synthesis of natural tetracycline, Biochemistry

Aug 28 Scientists learn to control reactions with the shape of a rare-earth catalyst, Materials Science

Aug 28 Protein glue shows potential for use with biomaterials, Biochemistry

Aug 27 Novel 'butterfly' molecule could build new sensors, photoenergy conversion devices, Analytical Chemistry

Aug 27 Rubber meets the road with new ORNL carbon, battery technologies, Materials Science

Aug 27 Breaking benzene, Materials Science

Aug 27 How to prevent organic food fraud, Other

Aug 27 Leading scientists call for a stop to non-essential use of fluorochemicals, Other

Aug 27 Potential therapy for the Sudan strain of Ebola could help contain some future outbreaks, Biochemistry

Aug 27 Surface dynamics studies yield resilient materials for applications in high-intensity environments, Materials Science

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