16:06 NYSCF Research Institute announces largest-ever stem cell repository, Cell & Microbiology

14:00 Rescued 'abandoned' penguin chicks survival similar to colony rates, Plants & Animals

14:00 Camera-traps capture wild chimps' nighttime raiding activities, Plants & Animals

14:00 Males of great bustard self-medicate to appear more attractive to females, Plants & Animals

13:45 New feather findings get scientists in a flap, Other

12:44 Some scientists share better than others, Ecology

10:39 Researchers offer taphonomic degradation processes for mammalian hair, Other

09:17 Researchers record sight neurons in jumping spider brain, Plants & Animals

09:11 Secret wing colours attract female fruit flies, Plants & Animals

Oct 22 Certain virus-derived genomic elements have now been shown to actively regulate important developmental processes, Cell & Microbiology

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