Nov 21 Rare new species of plant: Stachys caroliniana, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Next-door leopards: First GPS-collar study reveals how leopards live with people, Ecology

Nov 21 Life's extremists may be an untapped source of antibacterial drugs, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 21 Mysterious glowworm found in Peruvian rainforest, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Amazon frogs found to build mental maps of their local area, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Researchers discover natural resistance gene against spruce budworm, Ecology

Nov 21 Polyethylene mulch, glazing create optimal conditions for soil solarization, Other

Nov 21 Vermicompost leachate improves tomato seedling growth, Biotechnology

Nov 21 The unknown crocodiles, Plants & Animals

Nov 21 Gene responsible for cholesterol production could lead to potatoes with lower toxin levels, Biotechnology

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