07:25 Female termites found to clone themselves via asexual reproduction, Plants & Animals

07:10 Scientific methods shed new light on evolution of kinship patterns, Evolution

06:50 'Subirdia' author urges appreciation of birds that co-exist where we work, live, play, Ecology

06:50 Brain folding, Evolution

06:40 Can penguins tell us how far the Cretaceous diving bird Hesperornis wandered?, Plants & Animals

06:39 Bioengineering study finds two-cell mouse embryos already talking about their future, Biotechnology

06:07 How calcium regulates mitochondrial carrier proteins, Cell & Microbiology

05:00 Precise measurements of microbial ecosystems, Cell & Microbiology

03:25 Porpoise massacre: seals fingered in whodunnit, Plants & Animals

20:00 Endangered hammerhead shark found migrating into unprotected waters, Ecology

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