17:00 Citizen scientists match research tool when counting sharks, Ecology

17:00 Microbes provide insights into evolution of human language, Cell & Microbiology

15:07 First sex determining genes appeared in mammals 180 million years ago, Biotechnology

13:30 Too many chefs: Smaller groups exhibit more accurate decision-making, Plants & Animals

13:21 Picky male black widow spiders prefer well-fed virgins, Plants & Animals

13:00 From liability to viability: Genes on the Y chromosome prove essential for male survival, Biotechnology

10:50 Researchers find fish 'yells' to be heard over human made noise, Plants & Animals

10:40 Researchers annotate genome of the smallest known fungal plant pathogen, Biotechnology

10:30 Study suggests mysterious bio-duck sounds in southern ocean come from minke whales, Plants & Animals

10:00 Field study shows how sailfish use their bill to catch fish, Plants & Animals

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