14:32 'Killer sperm' prevents mating between worm species, Plants & Animals

14:10 Poachers threaten new slaughter of South African elephants, Ecology

11:40 Major turtle nesting beaches protected in 1 of the UK's far flung overseas territories, Ecology

11:20 Rare Sri Lankan leopards born in French zoo, Plants & Animals

10:40 Japan wraps up Pacific whale hunt, Ecology

10:30 Researchers uncover secrets of internal cell fine-tuning, Cell & Microbiology

10:10 Getting a jump on plant-fungal interactions, Biotechnology

10:10 Stem cell advance may increase efficiency of tissue regeneration, Cell & Microbiology

10:00 Algae under threat from invasive fish, Ecology

09:59 Great apes face extinction: conservationist Jane Goodall, Plants & Animals

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