Jul 22 New model helps explain how provisions promote or reduce wildlife disease, Ecology

Jul 22 Stress can make hard-working mongooses less likely to help in the future, Ecology

Jul 22 Radio frequency ID tags on honey bees reveal hive dynamics, Plants & Animals

Jul 22 Elephants possess 'superior' sense of smell, study finds, Plants & Animals

Jul 22 Bats use polarized light to navigate, Plants & Animals

Jul 22 Meerkats' sinister side is secret to their success, study shows, Plants & Animals

Jul 22 A decade of improvements on the reference green alga genome, Biotechnology

Jul 22 Sixth-grader proves invasive species of ocean fish can thrive in low saline water, Ecology

Jul 22 How fussy pandas maintain a balanced bamboo diet, Plants & Animals

Jul 21 Mycobacteria metabolism discovery may pave way for new tuberculosis drugs, Cell & Microbiology

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