Sep 22 Genetic switch regulates a plant's internal clock based on temperature, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 22 Plant variants point the way to improved biofuel production, Biotechnology

Sep 22 Antifreeze proteins in Antarctic fishes prevent freezing... and melting, Plants & Animals

Sep 22 Geometry, programmed death might have enabled evolution of multicellularity, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 21 Battling superbugs with gene-editing system, Biotechnology

Sep 19 Dwindling wind may tip predator-prey balance, Ecology

Sep 19 Elucidating extremophilic 'microbial dark matter', Biotechnology

Sep 19 How the signal from light triggers biological action in bacteria, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 19 Interactions of Earth's smallest players have global impact, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 19 Bird brains more precise than humans', Plants & Animals

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