Dec 18 Brain structures devoted to learning, memory highly conserved in animal kingdom, suggesting common evolutionary origin, Evolution

Dec 18 Team develops 'cool' new method for probing how molecules fold, Cell & Microbiology

Dec 18 Sensing distant tornadoes, birds flew the coop: Signs point to infrasound as nature's early warning system, Plants & Animals

Dec 18 Crows join human, apes and monkeys in exhibiting advanced relational thinking, Plants & Animals

Dec 18 Studies show a pathway for imported proteins through cell membrane that can be hijacked by toxins, Cell & Microbiology

Dec 18 Nature offers video of 10 cutest animals of 2014, Plants & Animals

Dec 18 EU court clears stem cell patenting, Biotechnology

Dec 18 Japan lab cannot repeat ground-breaking cell finding: reports, Cell & Microbiology

Dec 17 New conversion process turns biomass 'waste' into lucrative chemical products (w/ Video), Biotechnology

Dec 17 New study offers novel insights into pathogen behavior, Cell & Microbiology

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