Nov 20 After 40 years, the first complete picture of a key flu virus machine, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 20 Bacterial slime may be survivalist solution to catastrophic crop failure, Other

Nov 19 Unique sense of 'touch' gives a prolific bacterium its ability to infect anything, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 19 Scientists map mouse genome's 'mission control centers', Biotechnology

Nov 19 Natural gut viruses join bacterial cousins in maintaining health and fighting infections, Cell & Microbiology

Nov 19 Researchers compare mammals' genomes to aid human clinical research, Biotechnology

Nov 19 Captive mice and native mice don't care to breed together, study finds, Plants & Animals

Nov 19 The female of the species is harder to please than the male, Plants & Animals

Nov 19 Bottlenose dolphins use specific whistles as names, Plants & Animals

Nov 19 Female sea urchins hedge their bets in the mating game, Plants & Animals

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