Apr 20 Key element in bacterial immune system discovered, Cell & Microbiology

Apr 17 Telling the time of day by color, Plants & Animals

Apr 17 New lab technique reveals structure and function of proteins critical in DNA repair, Cell & Microbiology

Apr 17 Invasive parasitic fly on Galapagos Islands probably came from mainland Ecuador, Plants & Animals

Apr 17 Aphrodisiac for fish and frogs discovered, Plants & Animals

Apr 17 DNA 'spool' modification affects aging and longevity, Cell & Microbiology

Apr 17 Researchers discover gene that controls melting point of cocoa butter, Biotechnology

Apr 16 The mechanics of life, Cell & Microbiology

Apr 16 Humans can't resist those puppy-dog eyes, Plants & Animals

Apr 16 Diversity is key to stability, grassland study finds, Ecology

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