Jan 22 Pumas in populated areas kill more and eat less, Plants & Animals

Jan 22 Strange tale of fish eye evolution shows how new species could be born, Evolution

Jan 22 Solving the Hox Specificity Paradox, Biotechnology

Jan 22 New mechanism unlocked for evolution of green fluorescent protein, Cell & Microbiology

Jan 21 Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems, Cell & Microbiology

Jan 21 Biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms, Cell & Microbiology

Jan 21 Slow-growing underwater creatures have a better chance of avoiding death, Plants & Animals

Jan 21 Study shows cold climate animals may suffer as global temperatures rise, Ecology

Jan 21 New computation method helps identify functional DNA, Biotechnology

Jan 20 Harnessing data from Nature's great evolutionary experiment, Biotechnology

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