07:30 Researchers find first instance of fish larvae making sounds, Plants & Animals

03:29 Microbes in Central Park soil: If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere, Ecology

Sep 30 Geneticists solve 40-year-old dilemma to explain why duplicate genes remain in the genome, Biotechnology

Sep 30 New genetic 'operating system' facilitated evolution of 'bilateral' animals, Biotechnology

Sep 30 Study shows how chimpanzees share skills, Plants & Animals

Sep 30 At dusk and dawn: Scientists pinpoint biological clock's synchronicity, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 30 In stickleback fish, dads influence offspring behavior and gene expression, Plants & Animals

Sep 30 Breakthrough study discovers six changing faces of 'global killer' bacteria, Cell & Microbiology

Sep 30 First evidence that reptiles can learn through imitation, Plants & Animals

Sep 30 Engineers devise technology for rapidly testing drug-delivery vehicles in zebrafish, Biotechnology

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