17:00 Security CTO to detail Android Fake ID flaw at Black Hat, Software

16:02 Huge waves measured for first time in Arctic Ocean, Earth Sciences

15:57 Mysterious molecules in space, Astronomy

14:32 'Killer sperm' prevents mating between worm species, Plants & Animals

14:00 Connected devices have huge security holes: study, Security

12:00 Audi tests its A7 driverless vehicle on Florida highway, Hi Tech & Innovation

11:30 Optimum inertial self-propulsion design for snowman-like nanorobot, General Physics

11:27 Tough foam from tiny sheets, Nanomaterials

11:10 A new brain-based marker of stress susceptibility, Neuroscience

11:00 The Quantum Cheshire Cat: Can neutrons be located at a different place than their own spin?, General Physics

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