14:00 Diagnosing cancer with help from bacteria, Cancer

14:00 Sustaining biomedical research: Med school deans speak out, Other

14:00 Lethal wounds on skull may indicate 430,000-year-old murder, Archaeology & Fossils

13:00 Origin of chromosomal oddity in some cancer cells identified, Cancer

13:00 Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers, Cancer

13:00 Robots can recover from damage in minutes (w/ Video), Robotics

13:00 Brain signals contain the code for your next move, Neuroscience

13:00 Invisible helpers of the sea: Marine bacteria boost growth of tiny ocean algae, Earth Sciences

13:00 How ovarian cancers evade chemotherapy, Cancer

13:00 New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's species, Archaeology & Fossils

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