16:10 Financial decisions: Older adults' lifetime of acquired expertise offsets declining ability to process information, Economics & Business

16:03 Astrophysicists offer new research, tool for identifying habitable zones, Astronomy

16:01 Crafting ultrathin color coatings: Physicists produce vivid optical effects—on paper, Nanophysics

15:44 Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road, Hi Tech & Innovation

15:08 New knowledge about host-virus coevolution unmasked from the genomic record, Cell & Microbiology

15:03 Skin patch could help heal, prevent diabetic ulcers, study finds, Medical research

15:02 New chemical analysis of ancient Martian meteorite provides clues to planet's history of habitability, Space Exploration

15:00 Study: Extra income boosts health of elderly in poor countries, Health

15:00 Fragile bones of modern humans result from reduced physical activity, Medical research

15:00 Study sheds new light on the diet of extinct animals, Archaeology & Fossils

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