07:40 Duality in the human genome, Genetics

07:40 Girls better than boys at making story-based computer games, study finds, Social Sciences

07:08 Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves, General Physics

07:00 Staying warm: The hot gas in clusters of galaxies, Astronomy

06:58 Love at first smell: Can birds choose mates by their odors?, Plants & Animals

06:10 Solar tech could enable world's first underground park, Energy & Green Tech

05:33 Ancient marine algae provides clues of climate change impact on today's microscopic ocean organisms, Earth Sciences

05:05 Faradair team determined to make hybrid BEHA fly, Engineering

02:56 Bad weather delays Japan asteroid probe lift off, Space Exploration

Nov 27 Size matters: Men perceived as more masculine if they are taller and heavier, regardless face shape, Psychology & Psychiatry

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