17:40 Comet Siding Spring whizzes past Mars, Space Exploration

13:18 Sex? It all started 385 million years ago (w/ Video), Plants & Animals

13:00 Many older people have mutations linked to leukemia, lymphoma in their blood cells, Cancer

13:00 Imaging electric charge propagating along microbial nanowires, Nanophysics

13:00 New insight that 'mega' cells control the growth of blood-producing cells, Medical research

13:00 Crystallizing the DNA nanotechnology dream: Scientists have designed the first large DNA crystals, Bio & Medicine

13:00 Lab-developed intestinal organoids form mature human tissue in mice, Medical research

13:00 Major breakthrough could help detoxify pollutants, Environment

13:00 Improved electricity access has little impact on climate change, Environment

Oct 19 New iPad cellular models have Apple SIM flexibility, Consumer & Gadgets

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