14:00 Deadly frog fungus dates back to 1880s, studies find, Plants & Animals

14:00 Common antidepressant may hold the key to heart failure reversal, Cardiology

13:09 Using fruit flies to understand how we sense hot and cold, Neuroscience

13:00 Characterizing permafrost microbes in a changing climate, Environment

13:00 Study explains why galaxies don't churn out as many stars as they should, Astronomy

13:00 Direct evidence that drought-weakened Amazonian forests 'inhale less carbon', Environment

13:00 Earliest known fossil of the genus Homo dates to 2.8 to 2.75 million years ago, Archaeology & Fossils

12:24 Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal, Environment

12:17 New models yield clearer picture of emissions' true costs, Environment

12:08 Men tend to be more narcissistic than women, large study says, Psychology & Psychiatry

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