07:40 MasterCard pay by face verification to start as pilot program, Security

Jul 03 A 'movie' of ultrafast rotating molecules at a hundred billion per second, General Physics

Jul 03 Researchers discover new mechanism of DNA repair, Cell & Microbiology

Jul 03 REM sleep critical for young brain development; medication interferes, Neuroscience

Jul 03 Solar plane lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight (Update 2), Energy & Green Tech

Jul 03 A social-network illusion that makes things appear more popular than they are, Computer Sciences

Jul 03 Brain folding related to surface area and thickness, not number of neurons, Neuroscience

Jul 03 Radioisotope studies show the continental crust formed 3 billion years ago, Earth Sciences

Jul 03 Advances in robots needed to explore icy moons, Space Exploration

Jul 03 Making waves with groundbreaking brain research, Neuroscience

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