10:00 Electron trapping harnessed to make light sensors, Materials Science

09:40 Technique to measure volumes of key 'Lab on a Chip' components, Analytical Chemistry

09:40 Water forms common thread in diverse rainforest ecosystems, Environment

09:30 Why do measurements of the gravitational constant vary so much?, General Physics

09:20 Nanophotonics with ultracold atoms for simulating quantum many-body systems, Optics & Photonics

09:10 Energetics of the adsorption of ethanol on calcite nanoparticles, Materials Science

08:40 Researchers find the genome of the cultivated sweet potato has bacterial DNA, Biotechnology

08:40 Warm bodied fishes found able to swim farther and faster than cold bodied fish, Plants & Animals

08:20 There was a decline of male diversity when humans took to agriculture, Plants & Animals

08:12 Ceres' bright spots come back into view, Space Exploration

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