09:19 Liquid spacetime: A very slippery superfluid, that's what spacetime could be like, Quantum Physics

09:08 A star's early chemistry shapes life-friendly atmospheres, Astronomy

08:58 Personality determines whether tarantulas copulate with males or cannibalize them, Plants & Animals

08:40 Spying on plant communication with tiny bugs, Plants & Animals

07:59 Study shows women's menstrual cycle phase impacts sexual preference for composers of more complex music, Psychology & Psychiatry

07:50 Infrared light puts malaria to the test, Analytical Chemistry

07:50 Security and privacy concerns regarding connected vehicles, Security

07:40 Touch influences how infants learn language, Psychology & Psychiatry

07:20 Gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer gene segments in a living cell, Bio & Medicine

07:10 Dying coral reefs threaten the livelihood of millions, Environment

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